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It’s Not Bragging If It’s True. 

We love to talk about our partner associations and their successes. We could do it all day. Instead, we’ll use this space to highlight a few of our more recent and notable achievements.

Case Study

AVCA Infrastructure Overhaul

The AVCA joined Association’s International in 2006, after operating as a self-managed organization for 25 years. Growth opportunities provided by…

Case Study

ICF Rapid Growth

The ICF joined Associations International in 2005, after parting ways with a previous management company. ICF was experiencing growth but…

Case Study

ISPA Membership & Technology Meet

The top reasons members join the ISPA is to access valuable educational resources and research. During the recent economic downturn,…

Case Study

ISPA Membership Gets Social

ISPA’s membership and marketing teams have successfully utilized Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as prospecting, sales and public relations tools. ISPA…

Case Study

KPMA Cultural Change-Up

The Kentucky Petroleum Marketers Association (KPMA) is Association International’s sole state association client. It joined AI in 2012 when KPMA…

Case Study

Quest Oracle Community (Quest) Membership Meets Advocacy

The goal of Quest Oracle Community (Quest) membership is to create an energized audience where each individual advocates the same message…