AMC Institute Accredited

Who is Associations International?

Associations International is recognized as an industry leader in helping professional and trade associations build membership, promote their missions and seize opportunities for growth. Headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky for more than 40 years, AI employs more than 120 association professionals. Associations International is accredited by the AMC Institute, the global trade association representing the Associations Management Industry. We achieve this mission through our unique set of values and beliefs:

  • Respectful, trusting relationships built on integrity and transparency
  • Innovative, collaborative and transparent partnerships with our clients
  • Dedication and commitment to exceptional value and service

Why would an association use Associations International?
  • AI allows the client to concentrate on policy issues and strategy instead of administrative tasks.
  • AI provides the client an affordable, high degree of professionalism, management expertise and technology through the concept of shared resources. 
  • AI creates a foundation for the client of continuity of business operation during changes in leadership and staff.
  • AI establishes cost-effective solutions for the client to personnel, equipment, facilities, and budget considerations.
  • The client can capitalize on the power of a think tank that stretches across multiple industries.

Associations International manages associations ranging from 125 - 50,000 members, with core staff sizes ranging from one to as many as 25. In addition to 100% dedicated staff, each association shares support from the finance, human resources, technology and member services teams. This structure solidifies and enhances the needs of each group. It also provides the core support team the resources to stimulate growth patterns within each association as well as pre-and onsite teams for the most effective execution of each event.