AMC Institute Accredited

Our hybrid approach combines our dedicated staff with essential shared services. Each association that AI manages is evaluated based on the scope of services necessary to best serve its members. All associations share support from finance, human resources, technology, and membership services, which allows AI to offer exceptional services at a great value. Dedicated staff address specific association needs and dedicate their time exclusively to become industry experts, which creates enhanced customized support and stimulated growth in various capacities.


Any association knows that its members are its most important asset. At Associations International, we take that seriously by maintaining a dedicated staff of member services experts. From help with registering for events to processing payments and maintaining databases, our team ensures that your greatest asset receives the highest quality service possible.


Events are often the only chance for an association’s membership to come together for face-to-face networking and learning. The professional logistics experts at Associations International bring years of event planning experience to create top-notch, unforgettable experiences at your association’s events. Let us bring your events to life!


Tech expertise not your strength? Not to worry! Associations International employs a highly skilled tech team that serves all of our association clients, keeping them up-to-date on the latest technology trends and advancements. AI’s team will also design, build and provide the daily maintenance of your association’s website. Websites are frequently the first contact you’ll make with prospective members. Let us bring yours to life!


What makes Associations International stand head and shoulders above the rest is our core staffing model. We provide each association client with its own core staff of association professionals who work exclusively for that client. This model means that each core staff gains intimate knowledge of its client from every angle, while allowing best practices to be shared between our clients.


Fresh and lively content will keep an association’s membership coming back for more. Whether online, at an event, via a webinar or a publication, Associations International’s team of content writers and developers will bring industry experts to your membership on an ongoing and timely basis. We bring content to life!


Managing our clients’ needs is top priority at Associations International, but internal management is also vital to ensure that AI grows and thrives as well. Each association’s staff leaders also play key roles in the management and growth of AI as a company, along with the overall management team that includes human resources, technology, operations and client recruitment leaders. If we’re not growing, you’re not growing!


Face-to-face events are vital to the health of an association, but year-round educational opportunities keep members engaged on an ongoing basis. The professional staff at Associations International will also host webinars, write and disseminate news articles, white papers and industry interviews and other education as needed by its clients. Current and up-to-date education on an ongoing basis means your membership stays engaged and in-the-know.


Overseeing the finances of an association is a daunting task. Let Associations International’s financial experts manage your budget. AI’s team will work closely with your association’s treasurer and leadership to create a workable budget, build and maintain healthy reserve funds and plan for the future.


From print and digital magazines to periodic newsletters, research materials, marketing tools and books, Associations International will supply your organization with a team of writers and editors who can publish useful tools for your membership. AI’s team will work with you to determine the most effective outlets to meet your needs.


Great content and can’t-miss events don’t do any good if no one knows about them. Associations International’s core staffing model means your organization will receive a custom marketing plan not only to keep current members informed, but to increase your membership numbers. AI’s team will write the content, design the materials and ensure timely delivery of all marketing so your association can grow and thrive.